Chef de Partie

Full Time



Job Description

We are looking for an experienced Chef de partie to lead the kitchen at our Greek restaurant, Avli Tou Vasilea.



The ideal candidate is responsible for the proper efficiency and profitable functioning of the dishes to serve and adjusting orders to meet guests' requests. The Chef de partie supervising the work of the Cooks in the station, remaining fair and impartial at all times. Chef de partie will be responsible for leading and supervising all kitchen activity, food preparation and service. The ideal candidate will have experience in working in a busy kitchen, with an expertise and strong knowledge of Greek cuisine.




  • Working with the Manager to maintain kitchen organization, staff ability and training opportunities
  • Working closely with all team members to follow up assigned work
  • Consistently offering professional, friendly and proactive guest service while supporting colleagues
  • Ensuring food safety best practices and makes sure that all kitchen staff members are aware
  • Ensuring the cleanliness for all kitchen areas as high priority by following all HACCP procedures and standards as per the HACCP manual
  • Acts with appropriate caution in a dangerous environment where there are knives and high-temperature surfaces
  • Supervising all food preparation and presentation to ensure quality and restaurant standards
  • Ensuring that the food is always ready on time
  • Managing kitchen staff and delegate tasks related to meal preparation, cooking and delivering food to diners based on excellent standard and taste
  • Use a broad knowledge of sushi cooking techniques and food styles to ensure consistency
  • Being completely familiar with all instructions of the restaurant’s recipes
  • Selects choice ingredients that will give dishes the best flavour
  • Actively sharing ideas, opinions and suggestions in a shift briefing
  • Ensuring correct stock levels are maintained, rotated and stored correctly, adhering to FIFO minimizing wastage/spoilage
  • Determines how much food to order and maintains an appropriate supply at the restaurant
  • Verifying that food storage units all meet standards and are consistently well-managed
  • Proposes new and initiative ideas for menus
  • Keeps up with trends in cooking and the restaurant business to ensure that guests have a positive experience
  • Works quickly and accurately during busy periods
  • Being updated and well-known of all sushi menu items, daily features and promotions
  • Following kitchen policies, procedures and service standards




Level of Experience

  • Previous experience as a Chef de partie in a full-service restaurant
  • Specializing in Greek cuisine



  • Associate Degree in Culinary Arts required


Skills & Knowledge

  • Fluent in Greek and English language
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Leadership skills
  • Excellent time management abilities
  • Strong knowledge of proper food handling and sanitation standards
  • Good planning, organizational and communication skills
  • Good knowledge of hygiene, health & safety and licensing regulations


Personality characteristics

  • Promoting team spirit
  • Positive Attitude
  • Self-motivated
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Hardworking